What You Need

Clothing Designed For Your Survival

Our clothing brand is designed to integrate survival capabilities within outdoor apparel, designed and funded for by prior Navy Search & Rescue.

A Survivor's Story

Adrian Moreno

Have you ever been lost while hiking or stuck? That stuff is scary as shit. I assure you that even though there are some that would brush off that notion, there is no denying the unpredictability and danger of nature. I became lost in December of 2014 in the Grand Teton National Park. I had nothing more than a tent fly and a 0-degree sleeping bag. After hours of falling around in the dark with 8 inches of fresh snow, I decided that my best chance of survival was digging a trench and lining it with pine needles. Thanks to my military training I was able to survive. As a Navy Search and Rescue professional I was extremely humbled by the experience and realized that there are those that are not so lucky so as an attempt to save someone from repeating my mistake I created Alert 30.



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To combine the knowledge of local, state, and military search & rescue in developing ways to increase the survivability of the average outsider.